Reliable and creative veenenbos en bosch stands for professional skill and innovation. Professional skill means sound knowledge and well thought out products, practical feasibility being a key consideration at every stage. Innovation flows from the curiosity with which we investigate and approach each project, employing landscape architecture as a form of research. At the start of every new project the eventual outcome remains a mystery.


Every scale Our practice works on projects at different scales. From large to small scale, we divide our projects into five fields: the landscape; the city and region; the district and neighbourhood; parks, squares and promenades; and gardens and other private areas. Accepting projects across a range of scales was a clear decision. In the first place because we want to, out of interest, but also because it generates insights into the conditions and criteria that should be built in at other scales.


Rooted in the landscape Each one of our projects grows out of a sense of place, drawing on inherent qualities and unique features, not common characteristics. Our plans and designs are best characterised by two seemingly contradictory qualities: at once obvious and yet appealing to the imagination. They are based on keen analyses of the development programme, the location and context. The crux of many plans is finding a balance between old and new, with clients and users often having an essential contribution to make.


Practice veenenbos en bosch landschapsarchitecten was established in 1995 by Harm Veenenbos and Jeroen Bosch. Currently the practice consists of landscape architects, urban designers, technicians and a secretary. Each project is carried out by a small team led by one of the partners. Under our interdisciplinary approach the project team may be joined by experts from other disciplines, such as urban planning, architecture, ecology, industrial design and land and water management, depending on the nature of the assignment. This integrated approach ensures that the chosen design solutions have undergone thorough investigation and appraisal.

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